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Office Hours:
    Schedule Requests Online 24/7

    Office Hours: Thanksgiving week
    Monday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Tuesday 12 pm -7pm
    Wednesday: 10am - 7pm
    Thursday: Thanksgiving
    Friday: Closed we are out shopping
    Saturday: 9am-3pm
    Sun Closed -after hours phone available &/or on-line schedule requests

    Large Seating areas - up to 20 people

    Pregnancy Treasures is moving to Ibis Walk Shopping Center 10342 Roosevelt Blvd, St. Petersburg, Florida in January 2016

    After hours phone line available for assistance 727-216-7614
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Moving Januray 2015 to the Ibis Walk Shopping Center in St. Petersburg! We are expanding adding a Boutique for expentant mothers, their infants and toddlers. We are excited & we will keep you posted via FB and instagram.
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  January 2016 we are moving and expanding   Price Match Guarantee   Register for Discounts and Specials!  
  Pregnancy Treasures & Boutique is moving to Ibis Walk Shopping Center 10342 Roosevelt Blvd, St. Petersburg, Florida in January 2016 We are expanding and including Boutique items for expentant mothers and their infants and toddlers. EXCITING and we will keep you posted.   Pregnancy Treasures will match any advertised special from any other Tampa Bay area 3D/4D Ultrasound center. We always provide top quality services at the most affordable prices!   Register to receive our Newsletter to stay informed about any of our specials, discounts, drawings, & coupons, for 3D/4D scans, belly casting, & hands/feet molds. CLICK HERE  
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